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Does any of this sound familiar?
Where are you thinking about playing college basketball?
Have you received any interests?
Do you think that coach will offer you?

Are you tired of not being in the know? We would like to change this for you. Introducing the new Summer Elite Series Recruiting Network!

Our new recruiting network allows all student-athletes the opportunity to present themselves to the college recruiting world. With our easy to use profile page, the student-athlete has these great tools at their fingertips.

Display Profile Information
Let college recruiters see great information quickly: School attending; Travel Team; Height and Weight; Position played; GPA; Test Scores, etc.

Display your Schedule and Stats
At any given time a college recruiter may view your profile and see when and where you play next. And for every completed game, they can view your stats as soon as you post them. Coaches can even opt to "Track" you and receive an e-mail notification when you post this information.

Who is looking at you?
The student-athlete can see which college programs are viewing their page and how many times they have visited! And if a program is "Tracking" you, you will see that too!!
No more guessing!!!

Who are you interested in?
You can display any college program that you are interested in on your page. And when you add a new interest, our database automatically emails that program to promptly inform them of your interest.

Video and Photos You can upload your YouTube highlights and game images from your season instantly to your profile page. Instant and fast PR work made easy for you!

Lifetime Membership Register today and your membership lasts until you begin your college days! You will never be asked to pay again!!! And if you register by 8/31/13, you will never pay anything for this great service!!!

Our recruiting service is divided into 2 different levels, I and II.

Level I

is absolutely free and offers the following features:

   Prospect Profile that can be edited at anytime as needed
   Prospect's Profile may be viewed at anytime by anyone regardless of subscription status
   Prospects may upload and edit their game schedules
   Prospect's schedule may be viewed at anytime by anyone regardless of subscription status
   Prospect may enter their individual stats for every game played
   Prospect's stats are viewable by college coaches and recruiters

Level II

is priced based on your year of graduation and offers the above features plus these:

   Prospect's contact information is viewable by college coaches and recruiters
   Prospect can see what colleges have viewed thier profile
   Prospect can see what colleges are tracking their stats
   Prospect can list what colleges they are interested in
   Prospect can write their own game/seasonal blog
   Prospect can add their own pics to their profile
   Prospect can embed their YouTube video highlights

Level II pricing:

Class One Time Fee Average Per Year Cost
Senior $20.00 $20.00
Junior $30.00 $15.00
Sophomore $40.00 $13.33
Freshman $50.00 $12.50
8th Grade $55.00 $11.00
7th Grade $60.00 $10.00